activity fields

activity fields

BoomBavari Innovation and Acceleration Center provides services in the following areas:
Training and organizational services

The center conducts training courses to promote startups and also provides some organizational services to companies.

Synergistic value chain interactive network (synergy system)

BoomBavari has launched an exhibition and store system in which knowledge-based companies and startups can offer their products. In the future, industries information will be added to this system.

Boumisazi News Agency

Boumisazi News Agency has been operating in the field of news and research for some time. Companies can publish news related to their products on this website by submitting a request.

Center for Organizational Identity and Branding

The center will start operating in the near future and will provide branding services to knowledge-based companies and startups.

Multimedia and Television Center

The center is negotiating to obtain the first license for a television program, which we hope will be produced in the near future and broadcast on the Islamic Republic of Iran's Radio and Television in order to promote the culture of localization.

Events and competitions

We are planning to hold events to update each other. Competitions to encourage more localization in the industrial arena are also part of future BoomBavari acceleration programs.

Empowerment and business facilitation

It is hoped that startups can be successful in exporting and boosting their sales by providing expert advice from accelerator eco-belief mentors.